Pain Relief

By applying attention to your movement you allow your brain to awaken to your body.  Most people have very little awareness or sensation of themselves overall.  With painful conditions, surgeries, trauma, stress, poor health comes inhibition of the self including acting, feeling, sensing, & thinking which creates feelings of unease, lethargy, weakness, & pain.  Easing of pain can happen quickly when you use the essentials of slowing down & movement with attention as well as novelty. During a TML (transformational movement lesson) you will be guided in a 60-minute group lesson while either lying on the floor, sitting in a chair, or standing, or a combination of these.  You will be listening to instructions while becoming deeply immersed in the feelings in your body & the signals it sends you so that your brain gets tons of information that it will use to improve your body's movement; strength, flexibility, wisdom, grace & vitality.  During an FS session (functional synthesis) you will be comfortably guided hands-on by a skilled ABM practitioner in a private 60-minute session while lying on the low table.  These private lessons are  tailored to your specific needs while a group lesson will most likely be part of a series of classes under the heading of, for example, improving back, neck, shoulder, arm, knee, hip, or foot pain.
I invite you to take a 6-week group series and/or schedule your first private lesson so that you can begin to get the full flavor of the ABM.  It's like nothing you've ever experienced before.