Move well=Move Easily=Move More

Wondering Why You Are Experiencing Pain?
It's not enough to move more, we have to move well. We've adapted to the cultural norm of sitting more than moving and we've lost our quick adaptability, our humanness. We encounter pain and difficulty with movement because our bodies are telling us that we don't have the quality organization we need to do so. We are what we do and how we think. Our brains are very good at taking all kinds of information, good, bad, otherwise and organizing it for our usefulness as best as it can. Habits are often created at the expense of health. Pain is always going to tell us what to do, if we just listen. Pain is actually quite useful. We have to learn to become aware of our body's signals as quickly as possible and then we can create a quality movement experience that will transform the pain into a positive. Taking pain medication is for the short-term only. Unfortunately, many people are addicted to pain pills and do not have the capacity any longer to listen or to hear their body's signals.
The Feldenkrais Method and John Barnes Myofascial Release are two ways  in which you can learn to fine-tune your innate ability to monitor your body's comfort level at any time so that you can avoid injury and pain as quickly as possible. We are very adaptable, so the longer any injury, large or small exists, the more time there is to naturally create deviations in the body to make up for the injury which can cause more pain and injury. The moral of the story is...As soon as you have incurred a structural injury or trauma to your body through falling, over-stretching, straining, over-working, car accident, sports injury, surgery, you should get evaluated by a hands-on movement specialist who will work with you and provide structural hands-on assessments and tissue release as well as functional movement and activity-specific exercises geared for your very personal and individual needs. Once you  begin to move in a more clearly organized fashion guided by your movement specialist, you will begin to move more easily and feel like moving more. We are born to move, movement is life. As your innate movement flexibility improves so will your life and the quality and enjoyment of your life.
Click on this link for 5 FREE movement lessons for back pain relief: This is not medical advice, this is movement education. Consult your M.D. if you are experiencing pain or problem.