What is Good Posture? Ask an Animal!

I absolutely cannot believe that we are getting the same advice about posture in the year 2015 that we got 50 or more years ago, it's shocking! This was written by a "health educator" regarding postural changes and "aging" and I have to ask, "where is this person getting their information, from tablets of stone?" Read below:

"You know you have good posture when you can draw a straight line from your ear through your shoulder, hip and knee. Sucking in your tummy and tucking in your tush on a regular basis will help strengthen your muscles and improve your appearance and mood. Practice good posture...."  (Unbelievable!!! All wrong, for a human at least!) 

A lion in the wild would die in a second if he took this advice. Posture is a biological phenomenon first and foremost, a way we "get from here to there", it has nothing to do with standing still or standing straight or stiffening your buttocks. Sounds silly now doesn't it?
More of her advice: When standing:

  • Hold your chest high. (My two bits: Don't HOLD it, simply lift and feel your front lengthen.)
  • Keep your shoulders back, relaxed. (This isn't too bad, yet most people can't do this even when lying down, add to this back pain, who can RELAX!))
  • Suck in your tummy and tush. (This is OLD advice, way OLD, these are your strongest muscles, you don't want to HOLD them constantly, let them relax and contract a lot, all day long.)
  • Keep your feet parallel. (Good advice, it will take some practice.)
  • Balance your weight evenly on both feet. (I like this one, I agree, with some awareness training this can be done.
When seated:

  • Choose a chair that allows you to rest both feet flat on the floor, keep your knees level with your hips. (Actually knees should be lower than your hips.)
  • Sit with your back firmly against the chair. Place a small cushion behind the curve of your lower back, if needed. (This will probably work in your car, probably not many other chairs, especially if your feet are going to be on the floor.)
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed. (Again, IF you can.)
  • Tuck your chin in slightly. (Well, maybe.)
  • Keep your upper back and neck comfortably straight. (Would you know how to do this? What is "straight"?

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