Why would movement education be important to you?  It's all about BALANCE.

We can't oversimplify a system with hundreds of bones and muscles.  It's desirable to have an approximate idea of how the body should function and be aligned, this will allow the large number of  bones and muscles in the body to recover their natural use, achieve balance, and return the body to its natural grace and beauty.  Inner distortions can't be seen with the naked eye so we work with them by learning how to internally sense and begin to feel ourselves in and through action. We are engineered for action. The word "back" is also considered a body part right? The back is very much built for action. Unfortunately, our society spends the majority of its time sitting. We start as babies sitting in others arms or hips, then on the floor, in high-chairs, in strollers, then at a school desk. Eventually in cars, work desks, dinner chairs, lounge chairs, recliners, couches, but we mostly don't return to the floor.
Then there's the idea that sitting is static and doesn't require much from the muscles. But that's a huge understatement.  The human back is built for action, but probably more important, it's constructed for balance. When you sit in a chair you really are not still, neither are you when you stand upright. Unless you are holding yourself whether conscious or not.
As I like to say, "wobbling is a better strategy than gripping."  When we get to the point where we can feel ourselves "wobbling" we can create a strategy that can then be moved into the spontaneous realm where our inner natural sense of balance does the work.  You know when you're walking along and all of a sudden you begin to trip and somehow you don't fall? That's what I'm talking about. Now when you learn to internally sense and feel through action, that multi-faceted system that catches you when you are about to fall becomes more and more fine-tuned so that you can walk down that path again and not trip at that or any other particular place on the path.  Your radar is on doing the balancing and supporting work for you and you can go on your merry way. That radar is your brilliant brain making thousands and thousands of connections in order to make sure that you are safe. Our safety is the key to our balance.