Happy Monday-What a great life-it's so thrilling to be alive! Do you want to feel this way?  Please join us for Creatively Aware Mobility Classes...

Why Bother to Be So Efficient?  by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

"We need not be intelligent, for God saves the fool.  We need not be skillful, for even the clumsiest of us succeeds in the end. We need not be efficient, because a kilogram of sugar yields-roughly speaking-20,000 calories, and one gram calorie produces 426 kilograms of work.  From that count, we can waste energy galore! Why go to such troubles as learning and improving?  The trouble lies in that energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed into movement, or into another form of energy.
What, then, happens to the energy that is not transformed into movement? It is, obviously, not lost, but remains somewhere in the body.  Indeed, it is transformed into heat through the wear and tear of the muscles (torn muscles, muscle catarrh) and of the ligaments and the interarticular surfaces of our joints and vertebrae.  So long a s we are very young, the healing and recovery powers of our bodies are sufficient to repair the damage caused by inefficient efforts, but they do so at the expense of our heart and the cleansing mechanisms of our organism.  But these powers slow, even as early as at our middle age, when we have only just become an adult, and they become sluggish very soon thereafter. 
If we have not learned efficient action, we are in for aches and pains and for a growing inability to do what we would like to do.
Efficient movement is also pleasant to do and nice to see, and it instills that wonderful feeling of doing well and is, ultimately, aesthetically satisfying."
Whether you golf, hike, bike, practice yoga, run, dance, sing, teach, play an instrument, 
drive for work, sit at a desk, you name it, these classes will take your game or practice to it's biggest and best!

Class today was about "Reaching & Releasing". It involved learning how to create "sustained support" on the standing leg and deep "sustained support" in the torso while reaching and lengthening with the arms.  The arms get lighter, the back gets free and long, and the pelvis,  hips, and legs stand the body quite easily.  Pain disappears.
How many times a day do we reach with the arms? Hummmmmm?  If every time you reached you became aware of your arm's connection to your back, the posterior chain, you would be strengthening the most powerful muscles (core) of your body quite naturally.

Congratulations to those of you who completed today's class.  You also went home with an audio CD to use right away as my gift to you.  Keep up the good work and enjoy your new-found body freedom!