Our minds and bodies are like engines; they need down time. Imagine that you could take an instant vacation and recharge your battery anyplace and anytime.  Now, imagine that doing this regularly could make you look and feel younger and healthier.  Although it's not often a favorite practice in the West, there's a lot to be said for patience. Is patience a virtue that you can't wait to develop?! If you are having a reaction, such as being upset or angry, if you wait awhile, your energy will shift on its own.  How long it takes depends on certain factors: you, the subject, how important it is, and how attached to it you are.  Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Most of us aren't very good at or comfortable with doing nothing because we never cultivated the skill.  If you are interested in ease, that instant vacation, the skill of waiting is worth pursuing.  I'm not talking about passivity, the question is, does waiting exist in your repertoire?  Give it a try.  Next time you're all tied up in a knot about something, take a walk, take a nap, breathe, or just wait and see what happens.