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As a movement educator and licensed healthcare practitioner with over 18 years of experience, I encourage everyone to have a body-aware conscious movement practice.  
By creating body awareness you will reduce aches and pains, stress, anxiety, fatigue, improve your strength, flexibility, power, balance, posture, oxygenation, concentration, sleep, and relaxation. Hands-on movement synthesis sessions and floor movement lessons are complementary. Dance, tai chi, yoga, running, walking, any movement all done with awareness.  But most of all the best for integrating the "above" ground work of this method on the table is the "on the" ground movement lesson or workout on the floor.   When the two are combined you get amazing synergistic effects beyond the benefits of either alone.  As a table session opens up new possibilities for movement, for your life, the floor classes provide an immediate way to explore and enhance the new movement patterns and ways of being.  This exploration and enhancement is absolutely necessary for the changes to become permanent. While you are in this stage of re-learning how to move, it is essential to slow your practice down.  As you transition into your movements slowly you can tune into the details of your movement-where you feel the effort or pain, where it feels easy, whether one side of your body feels tighter than the other, whether you interrupt your breathing and create stress, and much more. You will feel your long-held limiting patterns and have the ability to change them. Long-lasting or permanent reduction of pain and limitation can be yours by creating a vivid memory of the events whereby the changes were created.

A 6-10 one-on-one session series can dramatically propel your dance, running, or yoga practice.  Add to that a 1-2x/week floor luxurious workout and you have the tools to create permanent change.  During this systematic and personalized series I will help you to achieve progress that might take years to accomplish through your practice alone. Plus, with better body usage and awareness you will avoid  injuries. You will feel your practice get easier, lighter, less effortful and you will feel more comfortable, joyful, alive, awake, aware, and free.  I will watch you during your practice and observe what you may need to change and guide you toward your highest potential. I will provide added benefits and tools for home including audio CD's, written programs, and access to me by email to progress during the week while you are at home.   Please contact me for your FREE initial consultation either by replying to this post or by calling 707-459-1840.