Are you craving CONTENTMENT?
These days contentment is my constant craving.  When I wake in the morning I ask this day what lies before me to be enjoyed and revered.  Sometimes it's as simple as feeling the aliveness in my feet as they first touch the soft floor or making a morning slow drip decaf, my rituals that lure, they say, "stay attuned, don't jump out of this moment." It's my desire to remain in this luxurious state of being for as long as I attend each day, whatever happens to be presenting itself to me and my awareness. Taking a walk, getting quiet, going in, stopping to sit on a simple chunk of log bench in the forest under the great looming redwoods.  Meditation, prayer, creative movement like we practice at the studio, wholesome foods, nurturing oneself deeply, all bring contentment and positive habits of well-being.  Like building muscle and memory, the more you practice the stronger (the muscle/brain) the habits become.  Wanting diminishes, contentment grows, flowers bloom, weeds wither.  Exercise:  Truly consider what you need (look into what "need" truly means) to be content.  Now, make sure there's at least three moments today that fulfill mind, spirit, and body with what you alone truly must have. How do you know that they are fulfilling to you? Pay attention to how you feel in your body, sensations of lightness, a spirited feeling, tingling, pulsing, calmness, fast or slow breathing, an easy smile, an easy attitude.  Notice how you feel while you look at this photo.  Do you feel more grounded, lighter, cooler, calmer, satisfied, content?  You can use this "technique of feeling" with anything, in any situation.  Try it and let me know how it helps you to feel content.