Regain Power in your Back with this lesson below:

Lie on your back, put a pillow under your knees, have legs and arms long, resting on the floor.  Be as comfortable as possible to start. Scan the contact of your back body in relation to the floor.  Sense the places you contact clearly and the places that you don't.  Feel the length of your legs, sense if one feels longer than the other.  Feel whether one side of your body feels flatter than the other.  Listen to your breathing. Bend your right leg and stand on your right foot. Place your right arm up alongside your head.  Press on your right foot at the same time push your belly out.  Roll your pelvis to the left and a little down, keep releasing your belly, turn your ribs, chest, neck, head to the left, one after the other. Come back and rest a few seconds, repeat as long as you are having less pain.  Stop and rest anytime you have pain or fatigue. Continue as above, keep standing on the right foot without increasing pressure on it or the hamstrings too much, now let your chest and thoracic spine lift toward the ceiling.  Your entire back will be involved in this "bridging".  You should feel very good while doing this and ultimately your head will go backward while turned to the left and your right arm will lengthen.  Do not strain. Keep paying attention to your breathing, it should not be interrupted, if it is, simply remind yourself to breathe and do so.  Now, slowly roll back onto your back and repeat 10 times.  Rest on your back and scan as above/beginning of lesson.  Now do this with your left foot standing, rolling to the right 10 times.  Rest again, scan and notice any changes, how do you contact the floor differently now?  Amplify the changes by deeply noticing your breathing alterations, the contact of your legs, pelvis, ribs, shoulders, head,  and notice whether one leg or arm feels longer,maybe they both do.  Feel the length of your spine. Slowly roll to your side, stand up and pay attention to how your shoulders, chest, back and hips feel as you walk.  Do they feel softer, freer, is there less pain, can you feel that when you breathe it moves into your back, chest, and belly readily?  Can you begin to feel more clearly that your back does the work of keeping you upright while the belly muscles are free and thus ready to bend you forward as needed?  Continue to pay attention as you go back to your regular activities to the ways you feel different, perhaps your arms feel lighter as you raise them, your legs lighter as you swing them during walking, can your head turn easier, your hips and pelvis?  Let me know how this lesson benefitted you and/or if you have any questions about it.  This is not medical advice, please consult your physician if you are having pain.  Let him/her know that you want to try these lessons or classes.  If you do not have pain while doing them, you will only improve your range of motion and that is beneficial.