For business, work, or pleasure, Your 3-minute ritual for Purposeful Focus and Direction for your day:
Upon waking, tap into your breathing, take a full breath in and out.  Then,
Ask yourself "If I'm creating this day, how will I create it?" Create an affirmation such as "Today I am strong, confident, resilient and steel-spined, I think of a redwood tree.
Now, decide on 2 things that will be the most important to focus on today.  This is my example:
#1.  I start my day with positive reading and some positive teaching and affirmations.  I turn up health/wellness/spiritual radio stations i.e., Hayhouse Radio, Blog talk Radio Health & Wellness, Prosperity Place podcasts
in the morning which help me set the tone for my day and prepare for teaching. I choose one or two ideas & recreate them all day to help myself and my students.
#2. I think about what foods will kick-start my day & keep me going for a kick-but storehouse of energy. I plan what I'll cook as I whip up a yummy green smoothie with almond milk, vita-minerals, bananas, vanilla protein, cacao powder, stevia, and coconut sugar. I create a gorgeous, fulfilling, incredibly satisfying salad for lunch.  Dinner is light as I have satisfied myself and my body all day already.
Your turn! Create your ritual that will send your day into maximum overdrive, packed full of power, strength, confidence, and energy! Go get 'em!