Healthy Living Newsletter  5/5/14   FREE LESSON!

Remember the last time you were bursting with energy and excited about life?  Or when your body felt strong and flexible, without aches and pains?  You can feel that way again, possibly even better!
This is about vitality, that state of being that you see in a child, or in someone who has a new experience, say going on a vacation to a brand-new place.  Remember what that feels like?
Your level of vitality or energy is directly related to how you move.  Our brains tell our bodies how to move and if we're to change how we move, we have to provide our brains with new information.
For instance, you have back sciatica.  The way to prevent pain is to be smart about the way you do everything. It truly takes less work to be more aware. Try this FREE 2-minute Creatively Aware lesson:
Let's get out of bed the easy aware way:
IF you begin by lifting the head end of your body up toward the ceiling, the muscles through your lower back and legs may clench.  INSTEAD, spiral up!  Let your pelvis roll you toward the edge of the bed.  Imagine yourself getting up easily and effortlessly. As your bent legs go over the side of the bed, the weight of your lower body will pull the rest of your body upright.  It's like those old Boppo-the-Clown toys, push them over and they pop back up!
By slowing down and paying attention to how you do things, you immediately increase your level of vitality.  Now notice how you feel, do you feel different in comparison to how you usually get up?  As you walk to the kitchen notice how you feel, a little lighter, taller, more comfortable in your back.
If you want to learn more, get in touch with me here and leave a comment.  Have an amazingly vital day!
Lisa Mace, Transformational Educator