Hi there, tomorrow's Monday, its' going to be an awesome day!

Just wanted to get this out to you tonight so you have the opportunity to join us this week and change your life at Studio M:

Many people feel they don't have a lot of options.  Our responsibilities confine us. Our jobs trap us. We think we're too poor or too old or too tired to create life changes.  And we have limited time and resources.  To happy people, limitations are challenges.  And how do they rise to the challenges?  Creativity.  They are much like sculptors who envision beautiful forms inside blocks of granite. Give them what appears to be nothing and they revel in the search to make it something.  Do you feel that you have limitations?  You're right.  Our lives are replete with limitations, but you also have a multitude of options.  You can learn to explore more options whenever a challenging situation arises. Try the free lesson below:

1.  Recall a situation you found disappointing.  Something that didn't turn out the way you expected.  Envision every detail, every feeling, making the picture in your mind as clear as possible.
2.  What was your level of awareness as you walked into the situation?  Were you on autopilot?  Envision other options that might have made it more to your liking, an experience of greater opportunity.  Do this without being judgmental.  Often the most unusual ideas turn out to be the best ones.  See how many you can come up with.
3.  Could these options have helped you create a happier, more satisfying situation?  What got in the way?

The key to exploring your options and changing your life is AWARENESS.  If you are aware that you can create options and possibilities at any time, you will be on the lookout for them.  You can do this when your life is in the flow, OR when you hit a roadblock.  Either way, new options can make life happier.

If you want to learn how to do this on a very deep level, please join me on Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to one p.m. at Studio M Upstairs 1256 Blosser Lane in Willits.  A single class: $12, or purchase multiple classes for discounts.  I will show you why you will want to make the Anat Baniel Method-based on Feldenkrais an important part of your life and help you gain insight into how you are keeping yourself from your highest potential and happiness.

Studio M Upstairs
Lisa Mace, C.A.B.M.P./Movement & Wellness Educator
1256 Blosser Lane/P.O. Box 706  Willits, CA  95490
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"Happiness is a state of being, a way of travel--not a destination."