Balance your Life 30-day Challenge with Studio 'M'

I want to help you identify what holds you back from having the most amazing life. Most people wouldn't think that self-care had much to do with it.  Self-care is the act of doing things that personally benefit and/or enhance your life. When we put ourselves first, we can then give our best to others, perform at our optimum, and maintain energy and enthusiasm.  Identifying ten basic habits you can practice on a daily basis is often the first step to creating a balanced life. (See below). Join me at my studio in Willits Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 1-4 p.m. for A Spacious Life: An antidote to pressure and stress.  Here you will learn more ways to help yourself create balance in your life. These workshops/retreats are created for you to take a break from your usual stresses to unwind, relax, renew, strengthen, and get a new perspective for your life.
I want to help you identify what keeps you from your dreams.
Below are the Top Ten Basic Daily Self-Care Habits which you can use to get started.  Yes, these are basic habits, but often overlooked. Once you have created a strong routine–a good thirty days worth–you will notice a difference in your daily life, you will be getting closer to your dreams.
Will you join me in this challenge and get in touch with me at Studio 'M' Upstairs via email:, my website:, or on facebook and let me know about your progress and/or register for this workshop. I would love to be part of your self-care team and help you stay motivated this year.  I'll be engaged in the challenge right alongside you, it will be fun, you will be supported.
How will I support you?  Once you get in touch with me, we'll create your personal plan for success. 

Lisa Mace, Health/Wellness/Movement Educator, P.T.A., C.A.B.M.P.
The Top Ten Basic Daily Self-Care Habits
1.  Rest: I simply cannot stress enough the necessity of a good night’s sleep. Creating a good sleep environment, obtaining the proper number of hours rest for your body, and establishing a routine (try to keep to your sleep schedule seven nights a week for maximum benefit), will improve productivity and emotional balance.  You can get some rest, recuperation, relaxation, and exercise at one of our mid-day floor movement classes. Introductory class on Thursday, 1/23/14 at 3:00 p.m.
2.  Hydrate: We have all heard how important it is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, yet the majority of people I connect with seldom drink that amount. Yes, other beverages contain water, but they also introduce other substances into the body. Sugar-laden juices, caffeinated drinks, and alcoholic beverages cause our bodies to work hard to filter out the non-essential ingredients. By all means, enjoy other beverages, but provide your body enough pure filtered water each day to flush out the toxins.
3.  Nourish:  Instead of taking time to make healthy meals last week, did you grab a quick snack, an energy bar or even worse, hit the drive through?  Did you start feeling sluggish, light-headed and cranky? We all need to fuel our bodies with wholesome nutrition.  Eat vegetables, grains, fruits, seeds, low-fat protein, healthy unprocessed oils and foods.
4.  Exercise: I am not a gym- type person these days. However, I move, move, move my body! It is imperative to incorporate exercise (movement) into our daily lives in order to reduce stress, maintain muscle balance and keep our physical system operating well. What type of physical movement benefits you most? What do you enjoy doing? How do you feel when you move more? Find what works for you and do it. Try our non-competitive, luxurious movement classes at Studio 'M' each Wednesday and Friday from noon to 1:00 p.m. Introductory class, Thursday, 1/23/14 at 3:00 p.m.
5. Play: You know the saying, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” It is true, not just for Jack, but for all of us! Step away from the daily grind and find some play in your life: do something creative, play with your children, do something routine in a new way, find a new activity, or literally play with a puzzle or game, on a sports team or even a video game or Brain Games/Luminosity. Allowing yourself some fun will provide a quick recharge. We play with movement at the studio!
6. Choose: My Daily Habits Sheet used to include “Say no at least once today.” I had a habit of saying yes to every single request and soon found myself overwhelmed and resentful, so I had to practice saying no in order to establish stronger boundaries. Once I strengthened my boundaries, I changed “say no” to “make satisfying decisions.” There are many people and activities vying for our time and by selecting those which are important, fulfilling, and beneficial to us, we refrain from becoming drained and overwhelmed.
7. Connect: This is one of the most important self-care habits we can have. Create meaningful connections with others–and with pets–and allow those connections to nurture you. These connections are part of your support system. Having someone to share with allows you to relish your victories, share your burdens, and find clarity when needed. Don’t wait until you need your connections; reach out daily. Connect at Studio 'M' with friends and community members.
8. Relax: Often we (I) move from activity to activity or from interaction to interaction, without taking a moment to unwind and process our day. If we fail to do this, we will take this into our sleep and process through dreams or by ruminating during the night. Meditation, journaling, prayer or even physical exercise are all great ways to clear your mind. Join us at the studio for relaxing and invigorating movement lessons.
9. Hygiene: Yes, I’m saying it: Practice good daily hygiene! Brush your teeth, bathe, cut your nails, wash your hair and wash behind your ears! Seriously, by taking time out to maintain our physical appearance, we are saying to ourselves and to the world, “I am worth the effort.” Our bodies serve us well and deserve the time and attention required for these basic care habits.
10. Laugh:There is no quicker, better way to de-stress and re-energize than laughing. Find something or someone in your life to make you laugh at least once a day!
Start today and for the next 30 days pick several of these, or even your own Daily Care Habits and you will immediately have more energy, more clarity and greater balance in your life.  Your health is in your hands. Go for it, take the challenge.
Here's to your health and happiness,
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