The Transformational Movement Lesson series "Getting Rid of Back Pain" showcasing the
Anat Baniel Method started last Monday & it's a real hit!  Try one or try them all for lasting change.

Here's a SAMPLE:
Stand & pay attention to how you stand.  How far apart are your feet?  Are you more forward on your toes or backward on your heels?  Sway forward & backward a little & start to get a sense of how you manage to keep yourself from losing balance. Does your pelvis move, your chest, your head, your spine? Scan & pay attention to your entire right side & then your left.  Simply notice.
Lie on your back, put a pillow under your knees & head if you need support.  Like this, notice where your back side contacts the surface clearly & where it doesn't at your legs, back, shoulders, neck, arms. Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, put your arms down along your sides.
Gently roll your pelvis upward & downward a very short distance, don't lift your pelvis away from the floor.  Notice what your abdomen muscles are doing when you roll it up, notice your back muscles when you roll it down.  Exhale rolling up, inhale rolling down. Notice whether you are pressing & un-pressing your feet.  Let go of your chest, neck, shoulders, back, thighs, & ankles.  Is your head being pushed a little up & down on the floor.  Do this 10 times, back & forth.  Stop at once if you have any discomfort & rest.
Rest & notice where you contact the floor more clearly now, is your breathing fuller, is your back flatter, maybe your legs feel longer?  Stand up & feel how you are standing now & walking.  Is it different?  Look for ways that you might feel different in comparison.

The remaining dates in July are:
Friday 7/13,  Weds 7/25,  Fri 7/27,  & Monday 7/30.

Join us here at the movement studio  1256 Blosser Ln  Willits  or call 707-354-3717 for more information.

Mats, supports & water are provided as well as expert guidance to help you build better body habits to integrate physical & mental development into a new, invigorating wholeness.

"Every lesson is a revelation...awareness of my breathing when bending my back now makes bending actually enjoyable!"  Nancy McHone,  Artist

Get back into the game, get to the top, & move into life in a real way.